Health Care Services in Jalpaiguri

As the regional headquarters of the Japaiguri district, the city of Japaiguri has a prominent position in North Bengal. The nearby population in the region often flock to the city to get proper health care services. This position is amplified by the systemic industrial development of the district and rapid influx of people who needs proportionate medical care. Besides the Sadar Hospital in Jalpaiguri, a number of other options like nursing homes and private hospitals have risen to help the people of Jalpaiguri and surrounding region with their health care needs.

Health in Jalpaiguri

Jalpaiguri District Health and Family Welfare Samiti

This government organization under Department of Health and Family Welfare has been created to provide better health service, health communication and reporting to the people of Jalpaiguri district. It also aims to sufficiently educate the Jalpaiguri population as well as the people of West Bengal regarding health issues. Monitoring, assisting and supervising the implementation of State and National Health Programmes are among its primary objectives. The District Health & Family Welfare Samiti is dedicated to building better reproductive and child health care in the district. It also collects disease surveillance data especially on epidemic prone disease in the district. Its efforts have helped to provide better nutrition, hygiene and safe drinking water to the people in the district.

Hospitals in Jalpaiguri

The population of Jalpaiguri is increasing every day and special attention has been given to provide affordable and adequate health care for them. Various primary and secondary care hospitals are catering to the increasing demand for better health care among the urban and rural population of the district as well as the surrounding areas. Jalpaiguri Sadar Hospital situated in N.S.C Bose Road is the most important hospital in the district and comes with a range of modern medical equipments and facilities.

Institute of Pharmacy

There is also a subsidiary health centre in Patkata and a T.B. Hospital in the town. Besides there are also private hospitals and nursing homes in Jalpaiguri with state-of-the-art technology which help to give the patients the best possible service in their hour of need. Marina Medical Centre Private Limited in Babupara is among the most noted private hospital in Jalpaiguri.

Nursing Homes in Jalpaiguri

Nursing homes give the best possible assisted care to a person after a hospital including custodial care like helping in bathing, eating and other skilled care options. For a terminally ill person requiring long term care or for people who are not in a medical emergency, the nursing home is a viable option for continuous medical monitoring. Nursing homes in Jalpaiguri provide its people with adequate health care with trained medical personnel and advanced medical equipments. Some of the prominent nursing homes in Jalpaiguri include Green Land Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd., Touch Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd. and Dr. Bhowmick Nursing Home.

Yoga Centres in Jalpaiguri

The art and practice of yoga is a holistic exercise and meditative therapy which aims to give a stress-free, healthy living.  The urban population of Jalpaiguri is increasing coming to terms with the therapeutic power of yoga as a release from their decaying urban lifestyle coping with stress, aggression and depression. As a result, various yoga and meditation centres have been set up to teach them the healthy art of living through counselling and meditation lessons. The pioneer yoga center in Jalpaiguri is Patanjali Arogya Kendras in Lataguri while several yoga classes are taken all over the district.

Dieticians in Jalpaiguri

Dieticians are nutrition experts who provide advice to clients about what to eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle or specific health related goals.

Dietician in Jalpaiguri District

Dieticians and health Councillors in Jalpaiguri are providing various forms of nutrition therapy to help them cope with changing urban lifestyles.

Occupational Therapies in Jalpaiguri

Occupational therapies like physiotherapy, cognitive therapy, acupuncture, speech therapy and others are increasingly gaining prominence today. These therapies help individuals who are mentally, physically or developmentally disabled to improve their basic functioning abilities and lead a meaningful, healthy life. Jalpaiguri has made specific inroads into their occupational therapy health care. A number of physiotherapy centres, massage therapists and speech pathologists in Jalpaiguri aim to promote physical and mental healing among their patients and help them lead a satisfying life. Himalaya Health Care and Touch Nursing Home in Jalpaiguri besides other smaller clinics have physiotherapy and other occupational therapy centres.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists in Jalpaiguri

Psychologists and psychiatrists are involved in diagnosing and treating mental processes and behaviour issues. Jalpaiguri district has a number of institutes which provide remedial measures to psychological problems through counselling, alternative therapy and clinical aid. It has specific child psychologists and psychiatrists as well as mental health care experts who give advice on stress management, depression, marital and family counselling etc. to the residents of Jalpaiguri.
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